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Ontrack Gym

Rama 3 / Rama 9 )

1-on-1 / Small group PT / Group Class

Train with our professionals at Ontrack Gym,

Train together stay on track together!


PRIME is the perfect combo of strength and conditioning.

In PRIME you will spend the whole class time working through a series of strength movements. Then between those strength stations, you will finish with some solid heart-pumping exercises! It’s the PRIME time for you to focus on challenging yourself and work together with other members to keep the energy level high all the way through the end. Members will get to move the whole body in just one session, and become fitter in no time.


GRIND is designed for two things. Lifting heavy and getting stronger. We got rid of the work/rest timers to give members the time they need to complete all the reps and sets targeted. Our coaches are are there to help you learn and improve technique on all those strength movements. Starting off as individual tasks, then moving on to finish it off with some fun and challenging core training as a group. There’s not much moving around in the gym, but you'll surely get to GRIND it out on the spot throughout 60-minute session.


UPGRADE represents the perfect combo of 4 big lifts to work on strength and movement routines to work on speed and power. We give members a full 40-minute strength part, broken down into 4 exercises of 10 minutes each. With good form and technique during compound lifts, you will UPGRADE your strength more efficiently. Together we build up the strength to the target reps and keep track of the weights ongoing in every class. After the big lifts, we followed with a 10 minute speed and power workout. UPGRADE will have members leaving the class feeling stronger, looking leaner, and moving better. 


360 is a solid 50-minute signature mix of strength and conditioning, CrossFit style. There is something for everyone from intermediate to advanced level, where many movements will be based on barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight. Members will get to learn in-depth about the limitations and capabilities and work towards becoming stronger, fitter, and gaining more explosive power. It is the true test of mind over body. With the motivation and encouragement of all those around you, it’s possible to push past mental and physical boundaries as a group. 360 is a strength and conditioning class that will challenge anyone in every session.

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