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Ontrack ONVacay

Wellness travel experience for everyone!

Step away from real-world problems to strengthen your body, mind and soul. ONVacay offers the perfect formula, a unique experience which combines fitness, travel and holiday luxury. It will truly bring purpose and longevity to your life, helping you to reset, refresh and be more than prepared for whatever awaits.

Let's go ONVacay!

ONVacay Focuses

Train along side many active friends from different backgrounds. Push yourself to the limit with daily training sessions, catered and adapted for your skillset. 


Eat enough quality food to give us more energy when doing the activities. Fresh and delicious local treats vary on each ONVacay location.

Live a fun life, depending on the location you choose we have different activities to match your different interests and also get to experience locals.

You’ll get to make some awesome new friends, challenging and motivating each other every day all the way through of your ONVacay.

Ontrack Camp

Exclusive camp for all age groups!

Half day or full day camp for our friends to get to know more about each specific topics, learn particular skills, and get to meet likeminded group of people. 


With a small group of 15-20 people, you will get the most out of every camp!

Upcoming Camp

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